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I've lived in Kokomo my whole life and been an artist nearly as long. I've shot for decades but professionally since 2008, for local papers, freelance and in business for myself. As a photographer my goal is to be an artistic servant. I'm here to serve you to my utmost. 

My primary profession is the executive pastor at Oakbrook Church in Kokomo and have worked there since 1998. I manage, strategize, teach, speak, coach, and on occasion, play the drums. My faith is not just a calling or profession--my aspiration is that it permeates every part of my life.

In addition to photography I enjoy writing, drumming, woodworking, motorcycling and shooting. And nothing may be more relaxing and rich than sharing with friends in a casual setting with interesting food and libation.

I've been married to my incredible wife, Sandra, since 1991, who owns and operates the Main Street Cafe in downtown Kokomo. Our two children are Meghan and Slater. I also have two adult sons, Taylor and Christian. And of course there's Annie the retired racing greyhound.

Morgan Young  *  1741 S. Indiana Ave.  *  Kokomo IN 46902